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Mixed Berry Muffins with Coconut

These muffins are too good not to share! They are also great because they can be modified according to your families preference.  Change up the fruit, take out the coconut, add chocolate chips… the options are endless!

Here is my recipe:

Mixed Berry Muffins with Coconut

IMG_1845These muffins have fresh fruit and lemon zest to give them a delicious and fresh taste!

IMG_1844Whole blueberries, raspberries and chopped strawberries are bursting from these muffins!

IMG_1846My only change would be to add more fruit and distribute it more evenly through each muffin so they are more moist and fluffy.

IMG_1847I love the flecks of cinnamon in the muffins

IMG_1849I also love the pieces of sweet coconut and yellow from the lemon zest on top!

mixed berry muffins with coconut



Cranberry Bread

In preparation for Thanksgiving I made a delicious and moist cranberry bread.  However, the best part about this bread is that it can be used next week at your Thanksgiving celebration or any other day of the year! It is full of tart cranberries, lemon zest and topped with a crusty sugary crust!  Seriously…. go make this bread!

IMG_6926The cranberries are perfect because they sort of pop in your mouth and add a tart taste to this bread!

IMG_0524I love cranberries for a lot of different reasons: their beautiful, delicious and so festive!

IMG_0525Grab a couple little cartons of these ruby red beauties! Your body will thank you and so will your tastebuds!

IMG_0526So cute!

IMG_6915Check out that batter! So thick and I love the red cranberries in the tan batter!

IMG_6916Lets just call this the perfect loaf!

IMG_6919I love a crusty sugary top!

IMG_6923Don’t forget to stock up on cranberries because they can be frozen so you can have this bread all year round!


Here how to make it:

(Thankfully it only takes a few minutes and it makes your house smell so delicious!)

** Don’t forget to add a tbsp of lemon zest!!!

cranberry bread

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