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Gluten Free Meal and Snack Options

One thing Harbor Greens is always striving to perfect is their customer service! You will most likely be greeted at the door, the staff are friendly and helpful, the food and plant selection is top notch, many items are local and the vendors even visit the store and the selection of gluten free items is growing daily.  With more and more people unable to eat gluten the demand for high quality and yummy tasting options is becoming a very important aspect of owning a grocery store and Harbor Greens offers hundreds of items to help you on your journey to a healthier diet if gluten cannot be part of it.  Of course you can pick up a piece of meat, seafood, any vegetable, fruit and many other items but sometimes you just want a quick meal or a delicious snack.  Here are a bunch of items both locations carry to help you on your way (there are many more):

IMG_0973Amy’s brand carries a huge selection of prepared items that are easy to make at home or at the office in both a microwave or oven.  Items include but are not limited to mac and cheese, international dishes such as enchiladas and tamales, pizza, pasta, burgers and much much more.

IMG_0974Amy’s also has prepared chocolate cake and pound cake in the freezer section for those quick desserts! Just top with fresh berries and whip cream and dessert is done!

IMG_0975Mountain Muesli is a delicious and local company that makes granola and granola bites which are gluten free and so delicious!

IMG_0977Crispy Green is an awesome company which has great snack options for kids and adults. Freeze dried fruit and nothing else makes for a delicious bite of something sweet! Some big packs even have smaller individual packs inside for on the go.

IMG_1744Many other snack items such as nuts, dried fruit, bars and more make for quick snacks and pantry staples.  I especially love Kind bars and High Valley Orchard snacks.  The Nature’s Bakery vanilla fig bar is delicious and while it is not gluten free it is dairy free and so yummy! Maybe grab that for someone who is not required to eat gluten free and surprise them with a delicious snack!

IMG_1756Just Great Stuff has a delicious line of organic bars that seriously pack a punch! They are flavorful, healthy, gluten free and organic. A great snack bar.

IMG_1757A big company like Stonewall Kitchen has even jumped on the gluten free wagon and recently started offering a chocolate cupcake mix and vanilla cupcake mix for those gluten intolerant people.  This company makes delicious stuff!! It’s especially great for when you are having a party and need an easy dessert that will satisfy all people.

IMG_1758Another favorite, Tate’s Bake Shop, has made a line of gluten free cookies. If you’ve ever had their original chocolate chip cookie you’ll know how delicious they are and what a treat it is to have a gluten free option!!! Awhile back I made an cookie cake with Tate’s cookies and these gluten free substitutes would allow anyone to make this amazing dessert! Check out the recipe: Chocolate Whipped Cream Cookie Cake.

IMG_1759Lucy’s cookies are a great cookie substitute for the gluten intolerant people in your family! These cookies are yummy and even vegan!

IMG_1760WOW cookies are a great way to start or end the day.  With a variety of flavors from chocolate to oatmeal they can be a delicious breakfast cookie or a great midnight snack!

IMG_1761Coconut, chocolate and gluten free all wrapped into a macaroon… sign me up! Jennie’s makes 2 varieties of macaroons that are delicious and so sinful!

IMG_1762The brand that probably started gluten free food options, Udi’s, not only offers bread, bagels and muffins but they now have cookies!

IMG_1763Zing Bars are more than just a snack.  They are a nutritional powerhouse intended to satisfy you and taste good at the same time.  Definitely worth a try!


Mountain Muesli- a delicious way to add energy to your diet!

I have attempted to make homemade granola a handful of times and every time I wish it would turn out just like this delicious Mountain Muesli!  I love that it is not too chunky or hard but instead the I love the little specks of coconut, oats, dried fruit and nuts! Hence the name muesli! All the packages soy, corn, eggs and dairy free and they even have a new variety of gluten free! Plus they are, as the package says, absurdly delicious!

image_3I prefer mine with a little fruit and yogurt!

image_1I also love the pieces of dried fruit which are just the right size!

imageCheck out the quality of those ingredients!

IMG_7569While there are many flavors to choose from I personally love the cherry almond granola and the cherry chocolate chip mini granola bites!

IMG_7571These little bites pack and delicious punch! They are chewy, have just a slight chocolate bite, a slight sweetness from the cranberries and are perfect for on the go!

IMG_7572Mountain Muesli updated the traditional Swiss muesli by adding ground flax seed, coconut sugar and coconut oil for a boost of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. It has the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to give you high energy the natural way. I love knowing that my family and I are enjoying a high quality product that we all can enjoy!

IMG_7574I love the variety of the ingredients and that they are made right here in Tacoma, WA! Plus, all the packages are resealable which makes them last in your home or allow you take them on the go and not spill them.

IMG_7575Grab a package of Mountain Muesli and enjoy it as a delicious meal or snack anytime!

Antipasto Platter

IMG_6888I am highlighting a few items from my dinner last night!  I got home late Sunday night after being gone all weekend and wantednothing more than a simple dinner with lots of flavor.  So, after inspecting all the contents of my fridge (let’s be honest there were not vey many) I decided to make a quick anitpasto platter for my hubby and I to munch on.  It was the perfect small meal with lots of different flavors and exciting things to pair together.  While we were enjoying our little snack like meal it dawned on my that this would be a great dish for many different things: an appetizer at home or for a party, a snack, a full meal, a dish to take to friends houses, a dessert and much more.  It’s easy to change out the items to make it how you like it too!I chose cheese, crackers, apples, olives and sun dried tomatoes.

Other items that would be great: grapes, strawberries, cured meats, multiple cheeses, roasted red pepper… the options are endless!

IMG_6883For this place I specifically used a new version of Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps new gluten free cracker in rosemary raisin flavor.  They are delicious and taste just a delicious as the originals do!  If I was doing a blind taste test I would have never known they are gluten free. These crackers are divine!

IMG_6881I also used Cypress Grove Chèvre Herbs de Humboldt.  This goat cheese is a delicious smooth flavorful goat cheese with herbs de provence!

IMG_6891These crackers cheese and other goodies are a perfect combination.

IMG_6892The olives add some salty goodness, the tomatoes are hearty and the apples sweet! They all go great together!

IMG_6896The cheese is sooooooo creamy!

IMG_6897I love all the little seeds and nuts in the crackers.  They are so hearty and crunchy.


photo 2Don’t forget all the other great flavors of Raincoast Crisps!

photo 3Don’t miss out!

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