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seabrook sunsetHi, I’m Kate! Welcome to my happy place!  I am the author of the Harbor Greens blog and I am happy to be here to tell you wonderful things about Harbor Greens as well as hopefully teach you a few things!  I have worked at Harbor Greens (Gig Harbor) since opening day so I know what is on the shelves, what’s new and how to prepare great meals with each item.  I love to cook, create recipes, share meals, eat good food and try new things.  Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions! I hope you enjoy our blog!


2 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. Marilyn Brennan on said:

    Hi, Marilyn Brennan here. I’m the coordinator of the Washington State 4-H Fair Iron Chef Competition happening on Sept. 14. I tried to email Scott and Chad about perhaps sponsoring our pantry or “mystery ingredients” baskets for the two rounds, but the emails bounced back ( I got the email address off the website). Please let me know the best way of contacting them! I’m not far from the Gig Harbor store, so if that’s the easiest way, I’ll pop in. But I thought it better to prep them with information about the contest before meeting with them in person.

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