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Harbor Greens- Gig Harbor


Harbor Greens- University Place, Tacoma

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Welcome to the brand new Harbor Greens Market blog! Here, we will be sharing delicious and easy recipes, honest product reviews, featured products, new items, must haves and much more!  To get your feet wet I thought I would share a little about Harbor Greens and why you should read this blog!

Harbor Greens started as a way to bring a family owned store to a small town! Some of the key ideas were to provide the locals and visitors with fresh and affordable produce, the best meats around, an awesome wine selection, beautiful plants, a friendly staff and an honest family-run business.  Just 6 years later, Harbor Greens was so well received in Gig Harbor, WA that the owners, Scott Teodoro and Chad Roy, opened Harbor Greens in University Place, Tacoma.  Since opening the second store the “boys” can be seen working hard in either store on a daily basis!

So, why a blog you may ask?  Well, here are just a couple reason why.  First, there is no better way to stay connected and up to date with a company than by following their blog.  From exciting recipes you can make from in-store items to honest product reviews of items we currently carry in store, a blog is a great way to see how things are used and what you can try next! Second, a blog is a great way to get to know a store better.  It is easy to shop in familiar aisles and buy familiar items but why not try something new that you see on the blog.  With clear directions of how to use the item the blog can provide you with ideas and maybe even a few tricks that you can claim as your own!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Harbor Greens blog! We are truly happy you are here and shopping at the market! Please visit often for new posts and feel free to email the blog author with questions or comments.








One thought on “About Harbor Greens

  1. Thanks for the great review of Sea Fare Pacific’s Smoked Salmon Chowder last September – we’re so glad you liked it!

    We’re in the process of developing a dairy-free New England clam chowder and a dairy-free pink shrimp bisque to add to our line of GMO- and gluten-free seafood soups and curries made with sustainably-caught fish from local Oregon fishing families.

    We’d love for you to try our curries, albacore and salmon too. Please email me for details.

    Jane Ujhazi
    Marketing Communications


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