Pulled Pork and a salad in under 5 minutes!

The market has some really great options for a quick and delicious dinner! Try the Niman Ranch pulled pork! It can be ready in just 5 minutes in you microwave or if you’re like me you will wait the 20 minutes for it to be bubbly out of the oven. The meat is tender, has a generous amount of sauce and is prefect for a dinner on the go or even for company!


IMG_7515So worth the 20 minute wait from the oven but I won’t judge you if you use the microwave! 🙂 Bubbly, juicy and slightly crisp on top!

IMG_7520Toast up a bun and enjoy a delicious sandwich that was easy to make and everyone will love!


Don’t forget this spicy yet sweet addition to the sandwich! Bone Suckin’ Sauce adds a slight kick while not overpowering the sauce form the pork!

To make this sandwich a complete meal try the newest item in the veggies section next to the lettuce.  Just Add Lettuce is an awesome product that literally means what it says.  Just add lettuce and you have a salad with flavorful toppings and the dressing combined.


IMG_7511The Italian version has olives, provolone cheese, sun dried tomatoes and some marinated veggies.  Also try the spanish and blue cheese cranberry variety.

IMG_7514cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, herbs, spices and olive oil make this an awesome way to dress a salad!

IMG_7517I added a little balsamic glaze because every salad is better with balsamic!


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3 thoughts on “Pulled Pork and a salad in under 5 minutes!

  1. Monica Potucek on said:

    Does the Niman Ranch pulled pork have sodium nitrates in the ingredients? I used to buy Costco’s but it has sodium nitrates….so disappointed about this. I have been on a hunt ever since I discovered it. Have had to do it the old fashioned way (homemade!) but would like an easier faster way….please tell me it is free of sodium nitrates?

  2. Hi Monica,
    According to the label and the website it states there are no added nitrates to the pulled pork. My guess is that that means it is nitrate free but I would be happy to email the company if you would like me to.

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