Chocolate Whipped Cream Cookie Cake!

Yesterday was my husband’s 30th birthday so I felt the need to make him a very special dessert to celebrate the big 3-0!! This Chocolate Whipped Cream Cookie Cake was a real crowd pleaser and could not have been easier to make.  I even made it 2 days ahead and let it sit in the fridge until I was ready for it! How easy is that?!?

IMG_7497Here are a few of the special ingredients you may need to grab while at the market! Most other items should be in your pantry if you do any baking on a regular basis!

IMG_7498These cookies are so great for the recipe because while they are thin and crispy they still hold up in the layers of the cake!  Tate’s Bake Shop is in the Hampton’s (New York) and while they are still made in small batches we are lucky enough to get them here on the west coast to enjoy! The market has been carrying them since the beginning and they have consistently been a customer favorite!

IMG_7499In a spring form pan line the bottom with Tate’s cookies! Try to cover it pretty well by breaking some of the cookies up to fill in the gaps.

IMG_7501Mix all the ingredients for the chocolate whipped filling: cold heavy cream, mascarpone cheese, sugar, kahlua (or any coffee flavor liquor), cocoa powder, ground espresso and vanilla extract. Mix in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment until fluffy and thick!

IMG_7502Cover the layer of cookies and smooth so it’s even. Add another layer of cookies and repeat the process. I got 3 layers but you can definitely get more if you use less whipped filling on each layer.  Just use enough to cover the cookies.

IMG_7503Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least over night but up to 2 days.  It could possibly be frozen but I have not tried it.  If you find it works please leave a comment so others can know!!

IMG_7504When you’re ready to serve remove from refrigerator and top with chocolate shavings!

IMG_7505Remove spring form pan and slice.  This cake needs to be served chilled.  This is a really rich cake so a small slice goes a long way! Coffee helps too!

IMG_7506The layer of cookies mixed with the rich chocolate whipped filling is a winning combination!!!!!!


Chocolate whipped cream cookie cake


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